I like to learn, I like to write software. With limited time to read and unlimited passion to build, I usually learn while creating applications instead of reading the documentation.

However, when I finally try to read an explanation on a weird case I’ve just hit upon, the documentation is usually silent about it. Sometimes internet forums come to rescue, but not always. At that point, I try to experiment until I manage to find the solution.

Therefore, let this journal of experiences be documentation for myself and lessons for others. I want to share here the common tricks and effects used by frontend developers and spread good development practices.


Yet another developer. Located in Warsaw, Poland. With more interests than available spare time.


I will try to focus on the technologies I’m using now:

  • C#
  • Angular
  • TypeScript, JavaScript
  • Node.js, Gulp
  • PowerShell
  • Git
  • VBA, Excel
  • SQL Server
  • WordPress
  • Trello


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