Add Jasmine unit testing support to Angular in StackBlitz

Add Jasmine unit testing support to Angular in StackBlitz

I mentioned StackBlitz in the post about online code editors. This service allows for creating i.a. running Angular applications. Once I wanted to execute unit tests written in Jasmine inside it, and I hit a lot of troubles. Finally, I managed to resolve them all.

Install Jasmine

The first part is to add support for Jasmine in StackBlitz. Please follow the series of edits.


Add two packages to your project: jasmine-core and @types/jasmine. Expand the DEPENDENCIES section in file explorer, type the name of the package in enter package name field and press the ENTER key.

Jasmine imports

Create a /src/global-jasmine.ts file with the following content:


Edit /src/styles.scss and add import:


Jasmine entry point

And finally, you’ll have to create a file that will be used instead of main.ts to execute the tests suite.

Add /src/main-testing.ts file (aside main.ts) and paste the following content:


Please note the line 24. You’ll have to manually put links to all unit tests you will want to execute.

Unit tests

Create a sample unit test /src/app/app.component.spec.ts:


That file will be run because it was listed in stuff to test comment in main-testing.ts. If you want to test other file(s), change the links accordingly.

Run tests

And finally, to run the tests, edit angular.json and change the line:

"main": "src/main.ts",


"main": "src/main-testing.ts",

To run again the application, change it back.

Sample application

I have created a sample application in StackBlitz: Jasmine in Angular.

Points to improve

There are some things which still require manual work:

  1. putting all unit tests to main-testing.ts file
  2. changing angular.json to run the application or tests

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