As a geek programmer, I often preferred creating a custom tool that would speed up doing a tedious task than performing it manually. Sometimes I ended up working for two days on a tool to automate a task that would otherwise take three hours of manual work… Although that wasn’t the optimal solution, I learned a lot by solving various complex issues.

I will try to refresh and collect my tools on this page for others to learn and maybe reuse.

Trello Cluterless View

This is a bookmarklet to hide all card details except names in a Trello board.

Screenshot Saver

Application to streamline saving test evidence screenshots.

Collage Maker

Simple tool to make screenshot collages with captions.

Simplest Excel Creator

Very simple and robust OpenXML file creator – it allows creating an xlsx Excel file.

Timeline Creator

Online tool that allows creating and exporting timeline graphs.

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Active GitHub Forks

Online tool to find the most active GitHub fork.

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Other open source projects