My favorite graphing tool – Graphviz

My favorite graphing tool – Graphviz

I used to create many graphs, usually the kind of dependency/hierarchy (see the previous post about Programming paradigms in JavaScript).

A long time ago I discovered a perfect tool for a developer to create and maintain various graphs – Graphviz. You can download it and use offline, but there are also online interpreters for quick experiments, for example:

The last one is especially interesting, as it contains numerous interesting samples.


Graphs can be created extremely simply with text (and therefore they are perfect for scripting).

Just remember about 3 simple rules:

My related project

Timeline Creator

Create and export timeline graphs using an online tool

  1. the graph starts with the line digraph G { and ends with }
  2. add <from> -> <to> in next lines and a connection between <from> and <to> nodes will be created. You can create more links at once, e.g. A -> B -> C -> D
  3. the node identifiers I listed in the previous point can contain letters and some characters, but definitely not spaces. This can be corrected by using labels:
SomeNode -> AnotherNode
SomeNode [label="Some Node"]
AnotherNode [label="Another Node"]

There are many more options for formatting nodes and edges and for adjusting layout. Fortunately, there is good documentation on the project’s website.


I’ll show how I created the graph for Programming paradigms in JavaScript post:


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